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1,691,615 people have viewed our ads an average of 336 times each. 568,382,640 City Pennysaver views total.
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Get BIG Exposure for Your Offers in City Pennysaver, Choosing Worldwide or a Specific City. Get 100% Instant Commissions. You Have the Option to Sponsor a City!
When you join City Pennysavers you may purchase advertising in any CITY OF YOUR CHOICE OR choose to have your advertisement shown WORLD WIDE on one of the fastest growing websites on the internet!

City Pennysavers is a VIRAL NETWORK. A viral network is a network that becomes popular through internet sharing, typically through video, websites, social media, and email.

Everytime a NEW owner of a City Pennysaver comes on board with us, that is ANOTHER person that will promote City Pennysavers and increasing our VIRAL activity. This results in MORE people seeing your advertising than ever.

In fact,, the authority on ranking websites, says that has MORE traffic than 99.5% of ALL websites in the world, and this is just within EIGHT days of launching Our traffic will ONLY increase DAILY as we have already had HUNDREDS of City Pennysaver owners join us, and we expect THOUSANDS to come.

Get 100 FREE Views of Your Advertisement When You Join!
When you join FREE you receive 100 FREE views of your advertisement. You can choose to have your advertisement shown worldwide or in a specific city.

Sponsor a City of Your Choice
You may sponsor a city by navigating to the City Pennysaver of your choice and clicking to purchase views on the top FIVE advertisements. You will upload a 125x125 or 468x60 graphic and link it to the website of your choice.

A good City Pennysaver owner will promote the city you have sponsored. You are only charged for views delivered to make sure you get your money's worth.

Get MORE Advertising FREE, if You Choose.
After you use up your 100 FREE views of your advertisement you have the choice to purchase more. HOWEVER, you also have the choice to EARN free credits that you may use to buy more advertising. THIS IS OPTIONAL. To earn these credits you will click on advertisements that interest you throughout
Get a Great Value When You Purchase an Advertising Package
Purchase an advertising package for as low as $3.99 and up to $9.99 which will give you 468x60 text banners, 125x125 text banners, text links, and THOUSANDS OF VIEWS for your advertising. With the worldwide option your advertising may be shown in all City Pennysavers unless the owner of that City Pennysaver opts out of accepting outside advertising. With more than 50,000 City Pennysavers world wide that is a LOT of places your advertising can show.
Get INSTANT Commissions.
Our Advertising Packages UPGRADES comes with a Plus. You will earn INSTANT Commissions when you refer other people to City Pennysavers and they buy an Advertising Package UPGRADE. Not Only will you get excellent advertising but cash straight to your payment account. Take a look at our low cost packages. You will earn these commissions for SIX months. After SIX months you will need to buy the Advertising Package UPGRADE again to earn instant commission.
Friendly Chat Support Available
Ever feel ignored? We hope that never happens on our City Pennysavers. We have a live chat that to ask questions and get directions. We will do our best to always be friendly and answer promptly.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: City Pennysaver is NOT a MLM or a get-rich-quick program. We don't require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. You get ONE FREE banner advertisement when you join free. You can be an affiliate for free and get paid directly from your own customers. AGAIN, you are allowed to sell banner advertising directly to your customers who directly pay you. City Pennysaver never pays you. You get paid when you sell to your customers and they pay you. NO LEVELS. We do not require you to refer anyone. You won't get rich by using our service.

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