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1,757,771 people have viewed our ads an average of 338 times each. 594,126,598 City Pennysaver views total.

Buy a City Pennysaver for the City of Your Choice.
Only One Sold Per City.

You can own the ONLY for the City of Your Choice for ONE ENTIRE YEAR for only a $10 one time fee annually. Similar in price to owning your own domain name.

Sell Unlimited Advertising and Keep 100%
Or Use it All for Yourself

We have two types of advertising you can sell or use for yourself on your City Pennysaver.

1. You get 100% instant commissions of ALL SPONSORED ADS, (the top five rotating graphic ads), purchased on City Pennysavers You Own. When people purchase these there is an ONLINE ORDER BUTTON where they pay directly to YOUR account. You always get any payments made for ALL SPONSORED ADS on YOUR City Pennysaver no matter who sold it or bought it.

In addition we give you FORTY sponsor banner advertisements to use for yourself, with ONE MILLION views each.

2. You get TWENTY-FIVE, 100% instant commissions of ALL UNLIMITED ONE TIME PAYMENT BOXED TEXT ADS, (the advertising in the main body below the sponsored ads at the top). These TWENTY-FIVE advertisements are given to you FREE with every City Pennysaver you purchase. With these advertisements we do not provide an online payment button, you will need to collect payment yourself. You can choose to sell these, use them yourself, give them away, or even barter for your own goat to mow your lawn. These advertisements are yours, AND NEVER EXPIRE, for as long as you are the Owner of your City Pennysavers.

Buy as Many Pennysavers as You Want - Like Domain Names
You can buy as many other City Pennysavers as you want also, as long as they are available for sale. Think of these as domain names that also sell for about $10 per year. How many people have purchased domain names for $10 only to have them become worth so much more? Once you buy it, you own it for as long as you keep paying your $10 annual fee.

Remember the DOMAIN NAME INDUSTRY and consider buying AS MANY City Pennysavers as you can!

We Will Help You Get Traffic
Even though YOU MUST DO YOUR PART to generate traffic for your City Pennysaver, we want to do all we can to help you get traffic to your city and help you sell your sponsor ads so you can keep 100% of the revenue paid instantly to you.

In "Credit Boost" we are giving our members EXTRA credits to view your city and click on your sponsored ads. We make sure that all owners of cities have their city shown up an equal amount as other city owners in the "Credit Boost" section.

As soon as you have 1,000 views per month for your city we will put you on our Top Cities and Sponsor a City list to HELP you get more traffic and sales. But just remember, YOU MUST DO YOUR PART to generate traffic also.

How We Help You Sell Sponsored Advertising
We do this three ways. We put you on "Credit Boost" where visitors can see to SPONSOR AN ADVERTISEMENT on your City Pennysaver. Then once you have 1,000 views per month we put you on Top Cities and Sponsor a City where we SUGGEST they sponsor an advertisement on your City Pennysaver.

Buy the City Pennysaver of your choice now for only $10 one time fee for an entire year. You have full rights to repurchase for following years at $10 per year as long as you repurchase before expiration of current paid year.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: City Pennysaver is NOT a MLM or a get-rich-quick program. We don't require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. You get ONE FREE banner advertisement when you join free. You can be an affiliate for free and get paid directly from your own customers. AGAIN, you are allowed to sell banner advertising directly to your customers who directly pay you. City Pennysaver never pays you. You get paid when you sell to your customers and they pay you. NO LEVELS. We do not require you to refer anyone. You won't get rich by using our service.

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