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Ive been an online marketer
now since 1998, promoting
online affiliate websites
for profit.

Love the world-wide-web

Am a Tucson, Arizona resident
since 1983, a homeowner,
married, and have a son in
the Arizona National Guard.

Love to travel especially to
Hawaii---been there 10 times
since 2000--- avid reader,
favorite sport is baseball,
favorite author is Stephen
King and am a rabid fan of
the Seattle Seahawks

Having discovered the City
Penny Saver, my goal is to
develop the city I own and
eventually expand with MORE
city ownership.

The potential here is not
just for what I can promote,
but how I can offer advertising
space to local businesses
so they can profit as well

What a great win/win scenario
for all concerned.


Tucson, AZ USA

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