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I, Deb Kenco, am working to find business opportunities, low cost advertising, and other helpful links to share with others.

With just the right programs, I hope to earn your trust and respect.

With that in mind, the ads on My City Pennysaver and Raining Dates sites, with Deb 74, or Deb74Ad, on them, are ads placed by me. I strive to weed out the scams, too-good-to-be-true ads, and others. I dont recommend for you to work a program unless I know enough about it to determine if it is a good fit or not.

I cannot totally vouch for every program or product I advertise, due to finances. I will at some point have about 200 plus ads between the three sites.

Therefore, please let me know if you have any problems with any of my advertised programs; or their ads.

Also, I cant guarantee someone else wont mark their ads the same way. At some point I hope to have a way set up for viewers to know for sure which ads are mine.

I cannot speak for the correctness of ads placed by others.

Please be careful to check any program before investing your hard-earned money, time and effort.

Go to your favorite search engine and type in a similar question - Is ???? a scam - and/or - ???? review - some reviews are fake too; so be careful.

Due to security issues, I have purposely used an old picture from 1974. I have already been a victim of identity theft and credit card fraud. I HIGHLY recommend you pay with paypal when making purchases online. I cannot personally speak for the other pay processors yet.

With the exception of transactions in City Pennysaver and Raining Dates,
I STRONGLY recommend you do not use your credit card online, even if you are only responsible for fifty dollars of a fraudulent charge. Possibly get a fill-as-you-need card, NOT connected to a bank account, to pay for purchases. Walmart sells refillable debit cards.

Also, if you carry your credit/debit cards in public, do so in an aluminum case to prevent thieves with scanners, from obtaining your info as you walk by.

I also, suggest using cash to pay for purchases when offline because we also had our debit card info stolen at a checkout by a store cashier with a scanner she connected to the stores legitimate scanner.

Please check back from time to time to see what opportunities and products are available here.

Please tell your friends about Deb Kenco a.k.a. Deb74, Deb74Ad at McCullouch County, TX, and Palo Alto, CA, on City Pennysaver.

Father of Christ bless you and yours.

Deb Kenco

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