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Since 1989 OBMG has guaranteed additional sales for select businesses, professionals, and people in the USA and recently Worldwide.

OBMG operates as a Bank Cooperative with accounts buying/selling with each other utilizing a Complementary Currency, OBMG, as their medium of exchange, in the US OBMG is complementary to the US dollar, in Mexico, the Mexican Peso, etc. It is not in competition with other currencies, but complementary to them. OBMGs A+ BBB Rating

There are no upfront fees of any kind, and no fees EVER, until the first purchase, then only a 10% cash broker fee on purchases, a 15.00 OBMG monthly administration fee that is OBMG money, not cash, and in any month members total sales and purchases do not exceed 150.00, a 15.00 cash monthly administration fee.

Special fee plans for the unemployed and school and college students; instead of them paying cash fees, they will pay all their fees with OBMG.

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