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Hello and welcome to my Profile Page

I am from Panama City, Florida. I have been earning a living online for about 8 years. Mostly Amazon.

CityPennysaver is a really interesting new concept and growing fast. Now is the BEST time to Join. I highly recommend Upgrading to the Platinum Membership so you can take full advantage of this rare ground-floor opportunity Get your city before someone else does:

I currently own 12 Cities:

West Palm Beach,Florida
Panama City,Florida
Panama City Beach,Florida
Peralta,New Mexico
Roswell, New Mexico
North Pole, Alaska
Shanghai, China
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Aberdeen, New South Wales, Australia

I am very actively promoting all my cities. Please feel free to place an order for City Sponsor Ads.

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Thank you for stopping by. Please have a safe and blessed day

John Peralta

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