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I retired from the health industry in 2000 and now dabble in internet marketing.

I have only one main business and that is SFI. I use several other sources which compliment each other.

My business has 3 components
1. SFI and TripleClicks…the main business.
2. PENNYSAVERS is also for advertising.
3. GDI for my information and training website.

Of course the main site….the site which will ultimately be our main source of income but it does need a couple of helper sites for advertising and a personal website for hints and tips.

GDI This is where you get your own website with a brilliantly easy site builder. Let me tell you that this site builder is so easy, even I can do it. Use this site for advertising your SFI and TripleClicks business and for posting links to sales in the TripleClicks store.

PENNYSAVER This is also an advertising site but with a twist. You will need to visit to see just how it works. Very novel way to advertise to your target audience.

These sites are what is called an advertising whilst earning sites. It is your own choice whether you use them just for advertising your online businesses to bring in customers or whether you utilise them for extra income or both…your choice.

I have met some great people whilst enjoying a great online experience with online marketing and I am always looking for new team members. Looking forward to seeing some new members this month.

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