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Acireale, Sicily, Italy
53,122 142

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
59,175 155

Bagheria, Sicily, Italy
56,336 140

Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy
60,267 138

Catania, Sicily, Italy
293,902 164

Gela, Sicily, Italy
77,360 142

Marsala, Sicily, Italy
82,774 127

Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, Italy
51,492 155

Messina, Sicily, Italy
243,262 134

Modica, Sicily, Italy
55,196 140

Palermo, Sicily, Italy
657,651 1,870

Ragusa, Sicily, Italy
73,743 147

Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
123,850 138

Trapani, Sicily, Italy
70,622 125

Vittoria, Sicily, Italy
63,332 137

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