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Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania
123,738 238

Baia Sprie, Maramures, Romania
15,476 220

Borsa, Maramures, Romania
27,611 236

Cavnic, Maramures, Romania
4,976 199

Dragomiresti, Maramures, Romania
3,213 234

Salistea de Sus, Maramures, Romania
4,893 244

Seini, Maramures, Romania
8,987 195

Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures, Romania
37,640 222

Somcuta Mare, Maramures, Romania
7,565 225

Targu Lapus, Maramures, Romania
11,744 245

Tautii-Magheraus, Maramures, Romania
7,136 235

Ulmeni, Maramures, Romania
7,270 240

Viseu de Sus, Maramures, Romania
15,037 235

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