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Azuga, Prahova, Romania
4,440 242

Baicoi, Prahova, Romania
17,981 237

Boldesti-Scaeni, Prahova, Romania
11,137 232

Breaza, Prahova, Romania
15,928 240

Busteni, Prahova, Romania
8,894 236

Campina, Prahova, Romania
32,935 255

Comarnic, Prahova, Romania
11,970 196

Mizil, Prahova, Romania
14,312 243

Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania
209,945 247

Plopeni, Prahova, Romania
7,718 235

Sinaia, Prahova, Romania
10,410 227

Slanic, Prahova, Romania
6,034 240

Urlati, Prahova, Romania
10,541 247

Valenii de Munte, Prahova, Romania
12,257 247

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