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Gatlinburg Family Fun
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Q: Who runs City Pennysaver?
A: City Pennysaver has two co-creators, Georgetta Monroe and Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. Both are the administrators and are equally responsible for running City Pennysaver.

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Q: How many people have seen City Pennysaver Advertisements so far?
A: 1,439,381 people have viewed our ads an average of 365 times each. 525,374,065 City Pennysaver views total.

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A: Only one account per person.

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A: No! Due to the nature of our product and the fact customers pay you instead of us, REFUNDS are NOT allowed.

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A: We have a live support chat room you can post your question. most of the time you will get an answer in about 5 minutes if not sooner. We answer all question asked. You might have to wait a bit sometimes due to time zone differences.

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