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Perpetual Five Year Advertising
One Time Payment - Credits Paid to You Daily for Five Years - Resellable
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What is Perpetual Five Year Advertising? As you can see from the chart above we have a lot of advertising inventory that goes unsold. Obviously a TON of advertising IS being sold, which means our advertising is considered of GOOD value to many customers. However, we want to get all of our inventory sold. To help do that we invented Perpetual Five Year Advertising.


1. This product is LIMITED. Sales of this product will STOP once our algorithim determines we have sold enough to take care of our unsold inventory. Sales will only resume once the algorithim determines it can be.

2. You LOCK IN your daily added credits at the time of purchase. This is the amount of credits you are guaranteed to have added daily for the five year lifespan of your advertising product. If you were to purchase a package right now you would lock in 1,913.30 credits per day.

3. You can RESELL your product if you choose and if someone wants to purchase it. Here is why someone would want to buy it from you:

Reason 1. The earlier you buy, the more valuable your product is because it will have higher daily credit additions. For example, if you buy right now, as of 01/16/2018 20:21 ET, your package will have LOCKED IN for FIVE YEARS to have 1,913.30 credits added daily. However, someone a few weeks or months later may want to buy your package from you since they can no longer get one with as many daily credits.

Reason 2. Someone would want to buy your product is if you let your credits build up. They would be able to buy your package with a TON of credits ready to use instantly instead of waiting each day for the credit to be added. Each day you hold your package and do not use the credits, the more valuable it becomes.

Reason 3. The price of the product increases over time. What you pay for it today will not be what someone can purchase it for later. As of this hour the price is $129.37

4. Your CREDITS DO NOT EXPIRE. You can choose to use them up on a daily basis or save them up for a monster campaign, or just hold them to increase the value of your package for resale later.

5. You CAN LEAVE THE CREDITS IN YOUR PRODUCT OR TRANSFER THEM OUT. If you want to spend your credits on advertising you will make a simple click and choose how many you want to use. You can also choose to leave them to build up in your product.

6. You SPEND YOUR CREDITS at "Manage Boxed Text Advertisements" which you can get to by clicking on Manage Ads and then on the blue box that says "Manage Boxed Text Ads". After that you find the advertisement you want to get more views for and click on Buy More Views and then use the green credits order button.

7. You MAY BUY MULTIPLE PRODUCTS. You can do this if you have a LOT of advertising you want to do, or if you just want to save them up for resale later.

8. It is easy to TRANSFER YOUR PRODUCT after you have sold it. Our control panel lets you do it yourself in real time. The person you sell the package to will receive it instantly, no waiting. Please note there is a $9 fee you must pay to do this instant transfer, so keep that in mind when pricing your package for resale.

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